I am a marketing and business development pro who builds champions – fiercely loyal and passionate customers. I’m particularly effective at building brands, engaging audiences and turning relationships into revenue-producing customers.

Most recently, I tripled revenue at a company that sells legacy services in a late-stage market. I have also led branding, PR, advertising, web development, events and other marketing initiatives at technology companies in the online, software and wireless industries. I thrive in entrepreneurial / venture-funded / startup companies.

In addition, I founded and grew my own marketing agency.

In 2010, I took a year sabbatical. During that year, I did restoration work on a 100+ year old farmhouse, logged over 8,000 miles on my road bike (I’m a cycling fanatic) and devoured business books and blogs.

I’m energized to help businesses meet their marketing goals as a consultant or member of the management team.

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