Why Does Marketing Always Want To Talk About Strategy?

This is about the time when most folks begin to roll their eyes, fidget and get impatient. There’s a launch or initiative to support and the damn marketing dweeb starts talking about quantifiable objectives, buyer personas and strategy?

C’mon and stop wasting time… Just run some ads and print some brochures. Oh and maybe do a press release and send an email blast. Or, of course, publish a self-serving NEWSLETTER.

Whoa! Bad dream… Thankfully, we got over this last year in preparing for Storming of Thunder Ridge, the bicycle ride on May 20th that raises funds for the YMCA of Central Virginia. Although it took a leap of faith from the event director to agree to go through this process.

(BTW, does your company embrace planning or is it steady diet of tactics?)

Whether you’ve $10M,$ 1M or no marketing budget, planning is critical.

I’ve blogged about planning before. For a great series, check out this great series of posts at Duct Tape Marketing.

Last time

We have identified some aggressive goals for SOTR, with growth in ridership, sponsorship, volunteers and, of course, funds raised.

Because ridership is such an important part of the success of SOTR, I’ll tackle it separately next time. And in yet another post, I’ll cover how we’ll find our volunteers.


While every dollar counts, I believe that we should think big and seek sponsors willing to participate at the Platinum level which is currently $1000 0r more. In fact, Platinum should be $2000 (if not more). In this manner, it takes fewer sponsors to meet the $8000 goal.

In contrast, it’ll require a bunch of $100 and $250 pledges to move the needle. Not that we aren’t grateful. We are. Still, aim high, accept all help.

So who are the Platinum targets? I believe you look locally to the larger local businesses. In Lynchburg, it’s Areva, Harris, Genworth and Centra among others.

In addition, you look at key categories for sponsors: Medical, Food Services, Construction/Building/Maintenance, Real Estate, Auto, etc.

Plus, you need cycling-specific help. Local bike, running shops and fitness centers as well as national brands for nutrition and swag.

While money is the focus, let’s not forget that we have other needs. Such as 2-way radios for ride support. Food for the feed stations and finish line party. Those can be high-dollar costs, so there are other ways sponsors can get involved.

Speaking of which…

I need your help. Do you want to join us for some of the best cycling around? Picturesque Central Virginia boasts challenging climbs, exhilarating descents and super-sweet rolling hills along meandering roads. SOTR offers a choice of 27, 45, 75 and 100 mile routes. Registration is only $45 which includes swag and support rides costing twice as much don’t provide.

We also need sponsors, volunteers and help to spread the word.

And I’ll open this one up for discussion: Convince me that Twitter will help drive ridership of SOTR.



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