The title of my last post – Bigger, Better & More Focused – is the perfect lead-in to today’s topic – setting of goals for the Storming of Thunder Ridge charitable cycling event.

What’s great is that it speaks to how many organizations approach planning. I often hear, “We want to raise the bar…” To which I typically ask, “How much more?”

I mean, how will we know whether we were successful?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee, consultant or a volunteer. You need to quantify goals and results.

On a side note, if Marketing wants to endear themselves to Finance – well, as much as any function can – engage them to help distinguish between fluff metrics (i.e., number of press releases) and business metrics (i.e., lead conversion).

Quantifying “Bigger” & “Better”

Last year, SOTR attracted 300 riders, received $4000 in sponsorships and raised $10,000. Here are our objectives for 2012:

  • 500 registered riders
  • $8000 in sponsorship monies
  • Raise $18,500 for the YMCA of Central Virginia’s Community Support Campaign

We have also established the following metrics:

  • Raise $1,000 in non-rider donations
  • Enlist 50 volunteers (for rest stations, SAG and mechanical support, pre-ride

To be sure, these are strong goals for a ride now coming into its third year. But they give us a target. And we’ll know after May 20th – please join us – whether or not we were successful at getting “bigger” and “better.”

In my next post, I’ll tackle the third element in our quest: focused.

Translation: we’ll need focused strategies and appropriate tactics to achieve the objectives.

Want to help? Please share your thoughts and comments with me. Or, visit the SOTR website to get involved.


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