The Hard Work Paid Off

I recently attended a reception for the YMCA of Central Virginia where I received the Volunteer of the Year Award for my work in promoting Storming of Thunder Ridge.

Needless to say, I’m flattered and grateful for the opportunity to combine my passions for marketing and cycling to help support a good cause.

But I didn’t do it alone.

Others stepped up to deliver the website, brochure and ride t-shirt.

Fellow cyclists agreed to contribute training, riding and nutrition tips.

Bike shops and riding clubs helped spread the word on their social media feeds, newsletters, event calendars and by work of mouth.

Generous sponsors funded the ride so that 100% of rider registration fees could be donated.

Bikes Unlimited and Dire Wolf Racing provided support before and during the ride.

Culinary volunteers baked dozens of cookies for the rest stops along the ride.

Awesome rest stop volunteers who, in spite of rain, heat and humidity, welcomed every rider with a big smile and words of encouragement.

And, of course, riders who hailed from Central Virginia, Winchester, Richmond, Norfolk and DC – even Michigan – registered in record numbers to ride the Half Metric, Full Metric and English Century rides!

All of this was orchestrated by the deft hand of the event organizer who had the vision of attracting 300 riders.

(Total for the day was 282, up dramatically from the 112 the year prior)

I’m not one to rest on my laurels. I believe Storming of Thunder Ridge can attract 500 riders in 2012. And double the sponsorship monies so we can invest in more promotional marketing, ride support and the post-ride celebration.

We’re 214 days away from the ride. Who’s going to claim bib number 1?

For those who have followed this blog, what are your suggestions to help grow Storming of Thunder Ridge?


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