Etiquette for Promotional Posting on Facebook

Is it cool to promote your event on another Facebook site?

Before everyone shouts, “Hell, yeah!” let me provide some background…

Recently, a friend posted about upcoming bicycle races on the Storming of Thunder Ridge Facebook page.

Our event is over, so there’s no conflict. And the promotion dovetails with our audience who are, obviously, cyclists.

But the poster didn’t ask permission.

To be honest, I’m not sure where I stand.

A Confession

During the final marketing push for Storming of Thunder Ridge, I posted information for our event on the Facebook page for the Lynchburg Regional Airshow.

I didn’t request permission. And, clearly, there’s no correlation between between the events other than the fact that the airshow was pulling many visitors to Lynchburg and, perhaps, some of them would be cyclists.

I’m not sure whether we registered any more riders as a result of our post. And the airshow people didn’t pull our post.

But, still…

Ask First

When we were reaching out to bike shops and clubs to market Storming of Thunder Ridge, one club president mentioned that it might be okay if we posted on their Facebook page.

My concern, however, was that without their “endorsement” our post would come off like one of those obnoxious advertisements that often later get pulled from the newsfeed.

In other words, without their support, our post might actually hurt us.

New Paradigm

Hey, I get it that social media creates new opportunities to share and connect.

But I believe that it’s proper and necessary to get invited in. Otherwise, it’s a bit cheesy or, worse, creepy.

So, what do you think? Is it okay to promote your event (or whatever) on social networks without the blessing of the site owner?


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