Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel & Community

I’m wrestling with what comes next now that Storming of Thunder Ridge, the charitable road cycling event, is over.

Through our marketing, we built a community of cyclists, volunteers, sponsors and other supporters.

This community is very important. So, how do we keep them engaged? And where do we go from here?

Curiously, my mind turned to two unforgettable quotations from two unforgettable Chicagoans:

I’ve got this thing and it’s f*cking golden…
Rod Blagojevich


Never let a serious crisis go to waste
Rahm Emanuel

Don’t worry. I’m not thinking of things smarmy and unsavory.

The point is that our community is valuable and it can enable us to accomplish things of mutual interest.

Clearly, we we want to build upon the success of Storming of Thunder Ridge by attracting more riders and sponsors. We want to inspire our community to tell their friends to register. But that’s a year away. How do we keep the fire stoked?

But there are other possibilities… Such as continuing to attract riders to cycling and promoting the health benefits of riding. Or supporting other local and regional cycling events. Or helping make cycling safer through bike advocacy.

The common denominator here is cycling. There’s a lot of possibilities.

I’ll be thinking about this and sharing my thoughts.

Meanwhile, help me out – if you’ve built a community in support of an event or product launch, how have you kept participants engaged going-forward?


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(Image: Tim Dahl)


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