Does Content Matter?

Content, content, content!

(It’s more fun to close your eyes and imagine an old Italian man waving his arms to make his point, isn’t it?)

That’s the takeaway I get from my daily dose of David Meerman Scott, Gini Dietrich and Jay Baer and others. Not to mention the books on my library shelf.

So when I signed on to market Storming of Thunder Ridge, the bicycling fundraiser ride that takes place here in Central Virginia on May 22nd, I committed to making content a core strategy. Other keys included creating buyer personas and tapping into word of mouth (WOM) communication.

I intrinsically understood the value of content. Given my participation in other cycling events in which content was either non-existent or lame, I knew the approach would help make Storming of Thunder Ridge stand out.

Additionally, because the event sought to attract new and casual riders, I discovered in interviews that this group craved ride descriptions and tips such as training, safety and riding techniques.

So the website provides a narrative for each of the ride routes. And I publish informational articles weekly.

The event is a week-and-a-half away and I am finding evidence that content matters.


Since the website launched, both site visits and pageviews have increased…


I’m also hearing comments via Facebook, email and verbally that riders enjoy and appreciate the content. One rider recently emailed:

As a relatively “new” rider, I must say that all of these tips are worth the price of admission….and to think I get to go on a fantastic ride to boot. Very cool! Every time I get to ride with a group I try to watch the more experienced riders and learn from them. These tips may get overlooked by some, but I know they are going to help me have a good ride. Right now I’m registered for the 35 miler, but when we get to that turnoff….hmmmm..

Thanks for all the great info., and for organizing what I expect to be a really challenging (and fun) event.

I’ve said it before… it comes down to numbers. Goal is 300 riders and there are currently 185 registered. With fewer than 10 days remaining, I’ll be working hard to bring more riders to the event.

Tell me your thoughts about content…

How are you using content to help you meet your quantifiable objectives? Is it, in fact, measurable?


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