A Missed Opportunity

Have you ever found out you missed an opportunity?

I recently did and, well, it sucks.

Our event director for Storming of Thunder Ridge received an email from a local official who is coordinating Region 2000 Bike Week as part of National Bike Week, May 16-20, 2011. And guess, what? We never knew about it. Doh!

Now that we do, it’s too late to get involved. And it’s to the detriment of us and them, IMO.

Ah, what could have been! Storming of Thunder Ridge which takes place on May 22nd – the perfect coda to Bike Week…

Strike One

I’m not going to get into a blame game. We probably should have known about this promotion. The local bike shops knew about it, although it’s because they were contacted to provide their input.

However, our event director is well-known within the local cycling community as an evangelist and she was conspicuously not contacted during the planning phase.

Strike Two

The boat has already sailed.

When the official emailed local cyclists last week about Region 2000 Bike Week, it was an FYI. Posters had already been printed and distributed. And the website and other promotional mechanisms were in place.

While I understand that it’s not feasible to reprint posters, certainly the website could be updated to include our event, right? Apparently not.

Strike Three

I’m a big fan of cross-pollination. We have a database of contacts, Facebook friends and traffic on our website because we continually add new content.

The local bike shops also have a community.

Presumably, Region 2000 Bike Week is building a community, too.

These stakeholders could have worked together for a greater good to promote bicycle advocacy and educate government officials and motorists alike on the benefits of cycling. Which is important if you’re a cyclist and your elected official torpedoed 3ft passing legislation and it’s not uncommon to be threatened by motorists.

And each entity still could have uniquely benefited vis-a-vis registered riders and charitable funds raised, revenue through the sale of merchandise and repairs, and support of local government initiatives, respectively.

Moving On

Sadly, we’ll likely have to wait until next year to better capitalize on this opportunity.

It’s a shame to have missed it. Our area has a small but passionate cycling community. Storming of Thunder Ridge and Region 2000 Bike Week are both nascent events. I suspect that by working together to co-market them, that community could have been better tapped for the success of both events.


Tell me about a marketing opportunity you missed? How did it affect your results.

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(Image: Tomi Tapio)


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