Answers Beget More Questions

Last week I pondered the question of whether contests, discounts and deals had a direct and significant impact upon registration for Storming of Thunder Ridge, the bicycle fundraising event I am marketing.

I polled recent registrants to find out how the opportunity to win a prize in a random drawing as well as the expiration of the discounted entry fee impacted their decision to register when they did.

As of April 22nd, there were 71 registered riders. Today, there are 159!

Here’s what I have gleaned so far…

Contest Promotion

My hunch was that the contest would not have a significant impact on motivating potential riders to register. This appears to be confirmed in the above survey. But did it help drive visitors to the website or registration page? That’s difficult to say because a second “carrot” was being dangled: a soon-to-expire registration discount.

Early Registration

Now this was what I believed would drive riders to register – the chance to save some money. Who doesn’t want to save money? As expected, it played a more significant role that the contest. But it’s also not overwhelming as a motivator.

What if…

Here’s a datapoint that presents a potential quandary for event organizers. It’s likely that you don’t have to run contests or early registration promotions to drive participants to commit. But, if there are no mechanisms to motivate registration, it makes for difficult planning for the event day. In other words, you need to know whether to expect 10 or 1000 participants.

Better Late Than Never

Even though the registration rate has increased, there has been a continued strong uptick in registrations. Which leads me to wonder what if the rate increase was a higher amount? Would that drive more early registrations? Or are people procrastinators by nature and predisposed to likely register inside three to four weeks from the event date?

What do you think?


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