30 Days and Counting…

It is 30 days until Storming of Thunder Ridge, the bicycling fundraiser ride that features a choice of 35, 65 and 100 mile routes.

As such, it is now crunch time when our audience will be most receptive to our marketing message to engage, consider and register for the ride.

As of March 31st, we had 33 registered riders and 101 Facebook Fans. At the time, we sought to build our Facebook base and then convert them to riders.

Today, we have 71 registered riders and 130 Facebook Fans. That’s the number of riders who participated last year in the inaugural ride.

Indeed, we have successfully converted Fans to riders. However, we have also reached new audience members who have agreed to register for the ride.

With a goal of 300 riders, we have much left to do.

The marketing push will include multiple initiatives:

  • Continue to convert Facebook fans to registered riders
  • Conversely, convert registered riders to Facebook fans for WOM (word of mouth)
  • Identify VIPs and “sneezers” to help spread the word
  • Award registered riders for getting friends to register for SOTR
  • Request that bike shops, cycling clubs and gyms that have responded to us remind their customers and members about SOTR
  • Email, call and visit bike shops and cycling clubs within a two-hour drive and ask that they add the ride  to their event calendar and/or contact their customer/member list on our behalf
  • Use contests to drive registration
  • Use a May 1st registration increase to drive registration
  • Continue to develop fresh content such as cycling tips to pique interest in the event.

What am I missing?

(Image: mistersnappy)


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