Just Pick Up The Damn Phone!

The phone is a nifty little invention.

But why use that archaic thing when one can email? Or text. Or tweet. Or message. Or, well you get the idea…

Look, I’m not a curmudgeon who hates social media. I agree with David Brock who says that social media tools help us improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

Lately, however, I believe that the phone is supreme.

Okay, Prove It

In marketing the Storming of Thunder Ridge, a bicycling fundraiser, a key strategy is to engage regional bike shops and cycling clubs to leverage their customer and member relationships to help promote the event. We’re looking to tap into Seth Godin’s “sneezers” to virally spread the word.

Using Google, we amassed a list that includes shops and clubs within a reasonable driving distance to the event. While we have relationships with some; most we do not. For this majority, we have sent a succinct email to the contact(s) that introduces the event, describes the charitable cause and requests their help.

Some have favorably responded. Yet, as any experienced marketer would expect, we’ve mostly heard silence.

Why? Because it’s easy to delete or ignore an email. Particularly from a stranger.

In contrast, a phone call generates a response in the form of yes, no or maybe.

Picking The Right Tool

Earlier this year I wrote that we need to choose the medium that allows all parties to most effectively and efficiently communicate so they can go about their day.

A lumberjack who’s paid by the number of logs felled doesn’t use a bow saw – he uses a chainsaw.

For our project, I believe we need to use the phone to initiate relationships with bike shops and cycling clubs. Once we have established rapport, it may make sense to correspond via email or other methods.

But for right now, it’s critical that we connect to these groups because they are the gatekeepers to our target audience: cyclists who might register for our event.

Gotta go now and hit the phones. I’ll report how it goes.


How are you using the phone and other communication methods to reach your target audience? I’d be particularly interested in hearing whether you’re in sales or marketing.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

(Image: Daniel St.Pierre / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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