Oh Damn, Marketing’s Got To Be Accountable?

Last week, we launched the website for Storming of Thunder Ridge, the charitable cycling event we’re marketing.

The website will play a significant role in the marketing campaign. It’s where we will connect with the various audience types or personas we seek to attract to the event as a rider, a volunteer or sponsor.

To keep our audience engaged and maintain awareness for those who have not yet committed to the event, we have already written a cache of content for the website – such as training and safe riding tips – that we’ll roll out over the next month-and-a-half to our registered riders, Facebook Fans and other targets.

Numbers are a crucial part of the campaign. We have quantifiable goals (300 riders and $4000 in sponsorship money). And statistics on visits to the website, Facebook Fans, third party registration sites and snail-mail registrants. We’re discerning what works, where, when and how.

It’s All About The Numbers

Years ago, at one of those Sales Kickoff meeting that every company does – you know, where the executives try to get the sales team fired up to sell more stuff – I had a chance to sit with one of the top AEs.

I asked him how he could be even more successful. His response was simple, yet, profound. In his thick, New York accent, he told me,

“It’s all about the numbahs.”

Meaning, there were certain metrics and ratios he needed to attain to blow out his sales target.

Keeping It Real

It used to be that marketers could get all touchy-feely about how a certain color exuded feelings of confidence and stability. Well, that party’s over. Now we’ve got to measure stuff and justify our actions.

It’s about keeping it real…

In developing our audience personas for Storming of Thunder Ridge, we set ourselves up for success by learning about what attracts our audiences and where they go to consume information.

Because of that knowledge, we’re promoting the event through bike shops, cycling clubs and health clubs. We’re asking the cycling community and registered riders to spread the word virally to like-minded persons through our Facebook page.

Opening Up The Kimono

We did a soft launch prior to the website going live and garnered early registrants. After the launch last week, we did our first outreach to shops, clubs and gyms. We have added ten riders for a total of 33 riders. We have already hit our sponsorship goal.

Since last week, we also doubled the number of Facebook fans to 73. It is clear that we need to convert those fans into registered riders.

Frequency of contact is proven, and we plan to touch the shops, clubs and gyms multiple times. We also believe that riders will delay registering until after Tax Day and before May 1st when we raise the registration rate.

I’ll keep you posted.


Tell me what you think… How do you measure marketing’s effectiveness?

(Image: Adrian-Stewart)


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