We’ve Launched A Website! Now What?

Earlier this week, we launched the website for Storming of Thunder Ridge, a charitable road cycling event that offers a choice of 35, 65 and 100 mile rides. Hallelujah!

But our celebration was brief because the work isn’t over. Actually, it’s just beginning.

“A Website Is Never Over”

At the time, that statement really pissed me off.

See, I had just pulled an all-nighter loading content I had developed for our new corporate website. My vendors who had designed and coded the site as well as loaded the pages into a CMS CRM tool had missed their deadlines. So now I was the schlep who was in a time crunch.

I finished around 5A.M. and while I was taking a frigid shower to stay awake for the work day, my boss reviewed the site, identified some things that needed to be tweaked and gave me a conditional “attaboy” with the above statement.

Gee, thanks!

Static Is Boring

When you launch a website, that doesn’t mean you’re done. Not if you want to continue to attract new visitors and keep past visitors coming back.

You have to keep adding fresh content and hooks.

We’ve got a cache of content we’ll develop and publish over the next two months for Storming of Thunder Ridge as we count down to the event date. In fact, our homepage looks like a blog where we’ll arrange new posts and articles in chronological order.

Plus, our marketing mediums are integrated. When we post new content, we’ll also alert our Facebook fans and e-mail our registered riders to come to the site.

Works Great On Corporate Sites, Too

Just because I’m working on a fun, charitable cycling event doesn’t mean that these marketing methods don’t apply in the corporate world.

In fact, it’s even more important.

Press releases, case studies, ROI studies, white papers, best practice guides, podcasts, blogs and more are all fair game. Even microsites with specialized content for industry verticals. You get the picture.

Give your audience a reason to keep coming back to your site to consume information!


I want to hear from you…

  • What do you think about the Storming of Thunder Ridge website?
  • What websites are great at keeping visitors coming back with fresh content?
  • As a marketer, how do you maintain a steady flow of new content?


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