Getting It Done Through Barter

It’s rare that one person has the tools to do every job.

That is the reality of my current project of marketing a charity cycling event. Our small team consists of the event director who is responsible for the event logistics (all things related to making the event happen) and event promoter (all things related to marketing the event).

A key marketing deliverable is the event website. While I have coded multiple websites, it’s not my forte. And since it’s been a while since my last website, I’ve admittedly got some rust.

Thing is, we want to move quickly and inexpensively so that we can focus on spreading the word and nailing down the details for a flawless event. And we don’t want to eat into our budget since our charter is to raise money.

Our solution? Bartering.

Look Ma, No Money!

We have enlisted a designer who wants access to the YMCA for members of his running group. No monies are being exchanged and each party gets what they want.

For us, we get someone who can deliver a finished product based upon our requirements and give us the tools to add new content on the fly. Our only cash outlay is for the domain and monthly hosting.

So far, we’re mostly pleased with the arrangement. Of course, it comes with some challenges.

You Get What You Pay For

We have little leverage over our designer, so we’ve had to make some compromises. Namely, we’re not getting everything on our wish list. But we’re getting the key elements and functions.

Also, after a very fast start, there have been delays because our designer travels frequently for work. Again, we can only push so much.


We’re close. And with Daylight Savings Time, we anticipate more cyclists will be dusting off their bicycles and hitting the roads. We anticipate going live next week so we can begin our marketing push which includes appealing to local bicycling clubs and shops to help us virally spread the word.

I’ll show the website next week. As always, I want to hear your comments. Thanks for reading!

(Image: herval)



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