Step 2: Setting Strategy & Tactics

As first steps in marketing the Storming of Thunder Ridge local cycling event, we have established a goal of attracting 300 riders for this charitable ride and raising $4000 in sponsorship monies. We also identified three personas or audience types for the event: Hardcore Harry (dedicated road cyclist), Enthusiast Ed (occasional road cyclist) and Recreational Robin (bike path rider).

We’re currently refining content to appeal to each of the cyclists personas. Meanwhile, we have identified our strategies and tactics for promoting the event:


  1. Advertisement – both paid (newsletters) and free (via counter display brochures and links)
  2. Social Media – event website, event clearinghouse websites and Facebook
  3. Word of Mouth – tap into friends of friends networks via bike shops, health clubs, cycling clubs and registered participants.


  1. Target cycling clubs in Virginia and North Carolina and request they link to our event on their website, newsletter and/or Facebook page. Also explore advertising in their monthly newsletters.
  2. Target bicycle shops within a two-hour drive of the event and request they link to our event on their website, newsletter and/or Facebook page.
  3. Target health clubs including other YMCAs (this is YMCA event) within a two-hour drive of the event and request they link to our event on their website, newsletter and/or Facebook page.
  4. Advertise the event on, and other event or cycling-specific event websites.
  5. Create an event website and feature content that appeals to each type of rider we wish to attract. Include information about the ride, how to register, hotel and dining, charitable cause, our sponsors and how to volunteer. We will frequently add fresh content including training and riding tips to keep our audience engaged.
  6. Create a Facebook page to help our audience spread the word virally and to alert them to new content and updates on the event website.
  7. Request our sponsors to promote the event via brochures, newsletters, link exchange, Facebook, etc.

Next Steps

Like any marketing launch campaign, we’re moving swiftly and multi-tasking, but methodically. More soon.

I’d love to for you to get involved with this project. Please subscribe and share your comments. Thanks!

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  1. #1 by Steve on February 17, 2011 - 10:26 am

    Wow, what a spectacular concept and follow through to apply your talents to a passion of yours. Not only is it worthwhile but very instructive for the rest us. And may I say inspirational?
    Ride on!

    • #2 by Mike Collado on February 17, 2011 - 11:27 am

      Thanks Steve! Hopefully it will inspire ideas and best practices to apply to our own projects and achieve the event goals. Should be a great journey!

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