Screw it, I’m Changing Direction

In the brief time since I started this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to get a few things off my chest such as snake oil public relations programs, lame event planning and other marketing pet peeves. The process has been both therapeutic and helpful as I define the direction of the blog.

Overall, however, I find my blog to be yet another voice that drones on about crappy marketing and pontificates on best practices. Yawn.

So instead of talking the talk, I going to walk the walk. Here’s how…

A friend has asked me to help her market a local cycling event. Since I’m a cycling fanatic, it’s a project about which I am very passionate.

I plan to use my blog to chronicle each step of the marketing process and show how it works in a real campaign. Along the way, I hope you’ll join in the discussion to share ideas and feedback. This way, the program isn’t just mine but ours. Deal?

I’m meeting later this week with the event director and our very first order of business is to define the goals and objectives.

Do you agree with me on this first step?

Meanwhile, please subscribe to receive email alerts for new blogposts log or get the RSS feed. And be sure to tell other marketers, cyclists and marketing students to follow this campaign.

Thanks for reading!

(Image: Roger Smith)



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