Hey, Where’s The Love?

I have a friend who, like me, is an avid cyclist. Last year, because of injuries, he was unable to join us on our weekend group rides. Knowing he was committed to rehabbing in the offseason, I sent him via Amazon the Lance Armstrong Comeback 2.0 book. It seemed fitting and motivational.

Thing is, I didn’t hear from my buddy. So I called him. After some chitchat, I asked, “Did you get the book?” Talk about deflating! Where’s the love?

As I shared in my initial post, doing the right thing, whether personally or professionally, is paramount to me. I believe that giving thanks and showing gratitude fall squarely into that category.

Gratitude is one of the six keys to success detailed by Ted Leonsis in The Business of Happiness. Appreciation is also the central theme to Gary Vaynerchuk’s forthcoming book, The Thank You Economy. Have we forgotten in our adult years the simple lesson of saying thank you which we learned as children from our parents?

When my wife and I bought her car a couple of years ago, we became customers for life. Not just because of the car – although it’s been wonderful – but because of the buying experience.

What specifically won our loyalty (and countless referrals to the salesman, the dealer and the manufacturer) was the handwritten thank you note sent by the salesman a couple of weeks after we bought the car. The card included a quip about the Redskins (we watched them lose at the dealership while finishing the paperwork) and a commitment to handle any concerns with the car.

Saying thank you takes such little effort. Yet it means so much to the recipient.

Send thank you cards behind your personal and professional dealings. Make time to phone friends and customers to say thanks. It can play a significant role in your success. Not to mention personal gratification.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your comments.

How does “thank you” play a role in your personal or professional world and what benefits have you reaped?

(Image: woodleywonderworks)

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