Weenie Communications

One year ago today I was fired by my boss via e-mail.  That’s right, e-mail.

After four years of service and reasonable success (I tripled sales during my tenure) you’d think that my boss would have shown some more courtesy, right?

Not when a message or voicemail is easier…

A top sales producer tells me he typically finds out through voicemail that he has lost a deal.

Another acquaintance learned her ten-year marriage was over in an exchange of text messages.

Sprint even has a series of humorous commercials in which difficult news is conveyed through text, e-mail, Facebook and voicemail.  (See below)

This weenie approach to communications may be easy and efficient, and use cool technology and apps, but it is morally and socially inept.  And lazy.

How do you determine the right communications method to share difficult news?  Is it about what’s easier for you or what’s best for the recipient?

Let me know your thoughts.

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